Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warren Buffet: annual letter to share holders

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Some interesting paragraphs:

"Partially offsetting our anchor of size are several important advantages we have. First, we possess a
cadre of truly skilled managers who have an unusual commitment to their own operations and to Berkshire.
Many of our CEOs are independently wealthy and work only because they love what they do. They are
volunteers, not mercenaries. Because no one can offer them a job they would enjoy more, they can’t be lured
At Berkshire, managers can focus on running their businesses: They are not subjected to meetings at
headquarters nor financing worries nor Wall Street harassment."

"...the directors who represent you think and act like owners. They receive token compensation: no options, no restricted stock and, for that matter, virtually no cash. We do not provide them directors and officers liability insurance, a given at almost every other large public company. If they mess up with your money, they will lose their money as well. Leaving my holdings aside, directors and their families own Berkshire shares worth more than $3 billion. Our directors, therefore, monitor Berkshire’s actions and results with keen interest and an owner’s eye. You and I are lucky to have them as stewards."

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